A Few Words about the George Zimmerman Verdict

Back up from the media, whether it’s ABC or FOX or Facebook or whatever, and take a look from a bigger picture: Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Mourn the unnecessary & tragic death of any young person or adult, and then extend that mourning to any perceived injustice. Honor the life of anyone who is senselessly killed or treated unjustly by advancing and/or establishing the very ideals that were violated. Take whatever energy you feel, about the George Zimmerman verdict last Friday evening or the Marissa Alexander verdict of May 2012, and use them and other similar situations to educate, beginning wherever you are right now.

George Zimmerman is not a free man. He will have to live with the consequences of his actions for the rest of his life. Zimmerman is far from free.

Keep in mind that two people died in Sanford, FL on February 26, 2012. And in a very real way, both deaths were a result of the race consciousness in which they lived. Every perpetuated thought, decision and belief contributes to this pool of consciousness, and this is something each of us can do something about.

We each can heal the racial barriers in our own minds and hearts and promote inclusion rather than separatism, beginning right now. We each can remember: When senselessness and injustice have no place to live, they cease to be.

Let’s remember The One Life, The One Light. Let’s let THAT Light shine brightly within and without. Let’s light up the darkness by infusing it with Light.

Rev Donald

The Snowden Dilemma

The Snowden dilemma is not about Snowden but rather about us. It is about us because we may or may not have opinions about his disclosure that our government spies on us. Our response says more about us than it says about him. Here’s what I mean by this statement. If I choose to put Snowden in the “traitor” box, then I am saying to myself that I do not identify with the God Qualities that our philosophy claims is necessary for our being one with Spirit, an identification that leads to a vital, prosperous, healthy and happy life.

Hopefully, you know that some of the God qualities are Love, Light, Wholeness and Spirit.

I contend that these qualities are descriptive of the KINGDOM THAT IS NOT OF THIS WORLD. It is stated this way so that those of us who grew up in the Christian tradition would know where this is coming from. The greatest light bearer to date was rejected and nailed to a cross. Copernicus and Galileo were marginalized and threatened. Then there has Ellsberg, Assange and many others. Kingdoms of this world, both religious and political have persecuted them all.

On the other hand, if I choose to put Snowden in the “Light” box, then I am identifying with the God Qualities and not identifying with the appearance, body, form and conditions of the KINGDOMS OF EARTH. Snowden’s actions then indeed conform to the injunction that one is to let one’s light shine before men … and glorify the father which is in heaven. To glorify is the to identify with the qualities of the Father Which Is In Heaven. (Matt 5:16). What is the point? It is this. Who do you answer to? Or in contemporary verbiage, Who is your daddy? Bluntly stated, if you are identified with your patriotism, you are not identified with the God Qualities. Yes, this is where we get to choose between God and State, as they are not one and the same.

Since Light illumnates darkness, I must allow the Light to illuminate the darkness where ever it appears. Who are you choosing to glorify? Is it the kingoms of this world, with all of its appointed rulers, who are intent on keeping the people in darkness, or the kingdom of Light, whose yoke is easy and whose burden is light (Mattt 11:30).

Isn’t living in choice fun?

Keith A. Gorley

A Tribute to my Dad

By Serena French

It didn’t matter whether you were in a suit and tie in your fancy office or in old clothes and BBQ apron grilling steaks in the backyard, you were my Superman.

You always encouraged me, no matter the task, to make the effort to do my best even if no one noticed because it would build character. So, whenever you told me you were proud of the way I conducted myself or handled a situation, it was like taking in a deep breath of fresh fragrant air. So sweet; I couldn’t get enough.

Whether I was in a school music concert or competing with my horse, I would always search for your face in the crowd and watch for your wink and nod. With that I committed myself to doing my best and, win or lose, in your eyes – I knew I couldn’t fail. It meant so much to me to have you there in my rooting section.

You taught me that some people haven’t had the same advantages, so to never forget that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and kindness. And I learned from you to be grateful for ALL the good that came my way. From your humble beginnings you became a self-made man with a dream of being a good husband, father and successful provider for your family. Even though no one helped you get to where you were, you never missed an opportunity to encourage others and do whatever you could to help them up the ladder or through hard times.

People loved being near you, to work for you or to be your friend, not because you were a “rock star”, but because you knew how to put people at ease. You were confident, but not arrogant. If you got something wrong, you were the first to laugh at yourself.

You said when I made mistakes, to admit it, take responsibility and do my best to make things right. Whether it was an apology, a do-over, or a negotiated compromise, you’d coach me on how to do that and said honesty was always the best policy. You told me to stand up for myself when I felt I’d been misunderstood, but to keep my cool and be respectful. Over the years, that advice has been the key for me in turning negative situations into more positive outcomes.

When I was a young adult, you also taught me when plans fell through and dreams got shattered, to remember I’d overcome and see a brighter day on the horizon. Yes, I’ve been literally and figuratively thrown from a horse and gotten right back on again, proving to myself I was not to be counted out – which created a little more confidence for the next crisis.

As a single parent, I often heard myself passing on your pearls of wisdom. Now, I’m a grandparent, and your words are still current and appropriate and being said by my daughter to her children. So, if you ever wonder if the world’s a better place because you were here; it absolutely is! And I will never let anyone forget what a wonderful man you were.

I really miss you Dad

Pray Unceasingly

By Jeanne Griffith

Last fall I realized that I was dissatisfied with my life – physical ailments and economic constraints while living in a small park model mobile home made me feel trapped. I started attending the learning circles on abundance and got the idea to sell the park model and go back to full time RV’ing. Economically that would free me for easier traveling and maybe allow me to save for a small retirement home when I eventually became “rooted.”

As time passed and the holidays arrived, my enthusiasm for change dampened. I was comfortable, and the real estate market for the Voyager RV resort where I was living was slow.

There were 96 models for sale! The very few that sold were going for peanuts. Did I really want to uproot my life?

I re-examined my situation and found that I had a good goal but fear and anxiety were undermining it. Trust and faith in the spiritual mind treatment and my Higher Power were called for. So I affirmed I would move forward. I would do those things I had control of and leave the rest to God. I painted, cleaned, organized and put the park model up for sale! It was old but lovingly maintained and “showed” well. The entire month of February I had only a few showings. I faithfully did my readings and meditations.

By mid March, I was getting uneasy. My affirmation had been to sell, but my time frame was just wishy-washy. I kept thinking I don’t have to sell. It’s ok if it doesn’t sell now. I sought guidance from Rev Donald who helped me focus my attention and offered support. One of the most helpful suggestions was: When I had doubts, and it looked like it wasn’t going to sell, to know that it was.

During this time friends and family kept asking, “Have you sold it yet?” “Have you had a showing?” I finally started answering, “I have a buyer. I just don’t know who it is yet.” Then I started doing things I would need to do once it sold, i.e. had maintenance performed on my RV, started collecting boxes for packing, found a storage facility explored options for mail forwarding, etc.

By the end of March I was getting nervous. Why had I changed my affirmed time frame for the 1st week in April? When such doubts crept in, I reaffirmed, repeating and
repeating until that was all that I could think. (Now I understand what it means to pray unceasingly).

On April 2 some relatives of my neighbors made an offer for my full asking price which I delightedly accepted! I must admit I was in a state of shock. Spiritual Mind Treatment and affirmation worked! It seemed miraculous. I had sold my park model but felt Spirit’s power and influence at the base. I felt so in awe and humbled. It made me feel incredibly grateful, and I reveled in this connection with God.

I have since closed on the park model and moved into my RV. I’m back on the road and
enjoying this new life and adventure.

What a great personal learning experience: God and I as a team, attaining my choices.

Contradicting Yourself

To contradict yourself is to grow.

In science, it is easy to change opinions because once you have new data you can throw out the old assumptions proven false. Where the opinion is tied to a judgement however, changing opinion is deemed wrong because there appears an unspoken assumption that your power of judgement may be poor if you have to go back on the choices you’ve previously made. That is, of course, nonsense, for to change your opinion based on new information or better understanding is to be honest with yourself and others, and it is the only way to grow.

If you never contradict yourself it is because you are either very wise and never make mistakes, or, more likely, that what you do say is not very important or is not precise enough to be of much value, perhaps partly due to the fear of having to retract your words at a later date should you dare to commit yourself to a strong opinion1. But clinging to a judgement for no better reason than the fear of appearing foolish or attracting the barks of critics is to paralyze yourself and degrade your active mind to a statement of beliefs carved in stone, never to be changed again.


1. It need not be said that the opposite of this, that is to always contradict oneself, is a sign that one either doesn’t value what they are saying or is a hypocrite who uses words to achieve selfish ends. This is not the sort of contradiction I’m talking about here.


Let There Be Light

As I sat in Church April 15, 2012, listening to Rev. Donald Graves talk about our Center and Community visioning, a great, deep peace and feeling of well being swept over me. I’ve had this experience at times in the past and usually in this deepened state of consciousness – comes the Light. As I sat there listening, the Light appeared. First it seemed only around me and then it filled the auditorium. And I was overwhelmed by the Love and Oneness I was experiencing.

As Rev. Donald talked about filling out the information sheet all I could think was Light. Just Light, Light, Light. Then the knowing came that the right Church Home is out there just waiting for us to discover it. Also had the thought “Do not limit your search.”

And then I realized the Light was dissipating and fading. What an absolutely wonderful and beautiful experience for me. The feeling of deep peace stayed with me for the rest of the service. And I didn’t want to leave the auditorium. Have absolutely no idea what I wrote on the information sheet.

When I got home and walked into the apartment I realized how full of light it was and how happy I was to be here. Sat down in my chair and thanked Spirit for this wonderful, beautiful experience I was given that morning. I believe completely that “The Infinite is there, awaiting the touch of our awakened thought.” Life is good.

And then I cried because I was so very happy! What a special day.

~ Sandy Mallory ~

I Love The Now

Every time I hear Jimmy Buffett sing “I Love the Now” I remember that I always live in choice. I, like everyone else, have the perpetual opportunity to live in this present moment, this right now, or to live in the past and operate as though the experience I am in the middle of right this minute is exactly the same as something that happened before. Its easy to relive a memory and say “this is the same as that” because our minds like to pigeonhole events, circumstances and occurrences. It’s easy to do that. Some would say it is even natural and appropriate. If you are trying to avoid getting eaten by a saber-toothed tiger, or stomped by a Brontosaurus, it makes some sense to remember how one set of circumstances seems very similar to a previous set of circumstances. In fact, even subconsciously translating or projecting from someone else’s story might save your life if you are operating in survival mode.

Our bodies react to our memories exactly as though they are actual real-in-the-moment events. There’s no difference. In the Spiritual Thought from this past Sunday, Ernest Holmes (from A New Design for Living, p. 130) says “In whatever aspect of living we desire a betterment – be it in respect to health, abundance, or happiness – we have to know that it is ours now. We establish the pattern now, we accept what it is now, we know that it is our experience now. There is no difference between thought and thing. There is no time element in Mind, nor need there be in out mind. Whatever good we desire must be accepted as the present reality of our experience. Only now can it exist.”

If I create a fear situation in my mind, my body acts fearful, releasing adrenaline and cortisol, and my body gets ready to fight, flee or freeze. Basic physiology again. The bad news, according to the physicians and psychologists who study such things is that this internalized fear state, which may have been created by something completely imaginary, causes an internal physical-chemical stress on the body, and has a long lag time before the body can even begin to come back to its own balance, equilibrium and well being.

What if “this is not that”? What if this apparently threatening situation isn’t really inherently threatening? What if the Universe is predominantly a safe place and that all the events in my present experience can be viewed from a positive and supportive perspective? This doesn’t mean I’m going to be stupid and step out in front of a bus to see what happens, but it can mean that I don’t automatically interpret a conversation, and impression, or a look as antagonistic from the start.

Feels like a happier way to live to me. How about you?

— Janis

Greetings Beloveds!

It is my hope that you and your families are in excellent health and finding more excuses for love and joy in life.

I am trusting that everyone will be forgiving of this mass communication, and hopefully pass onto others our brief update. Needless to say, it has taken me a while to be able to form the ideas of what this crazy experience has been like for us here in Abu Dhabi. A lot of processing going on. lol

It is hard to believe that I have nearly completed my 2-year teaching contract here. Prayer is an incredibly powerful tool, but one could have never expected it to be answered in the way it was–Wow! Not only has this opportunity provided for us financially, allowing Ryan the chance to work on his degree as well as availing us to travel to places that we NEVER would have thought that we’d visit, but it has been such incredible spiritual fodder. Living in a Muslim country has been such a tremendous experience for us, and we are ever so grateful for being able to experience Islam first hand. Prior to moving here, we, like many folks, thought that the Middle East was a place full of angry Muslims who were trying to impose their radical beliefs on others–I mean, that’s what the media tells us, night after night, right?? — everyone is Taliban and women are silenced and imprisoned by Islam. Whoa, so NOT true!! As Donald has said on more than one occasion, the news reports on the “exception” and not the “rule”. I don’t think I could possibly articulate the Peace and Love that I experience here, as people are so friendly, so hospitable, and so respectful. They don’t gossip, but laugh at their petty complaints and shrink from confrontation. It’s almost the complete opposite of the Western paradigm, which has probably been the hardest part of coping with this culture here–accepting that I have a lot of areas to improve on. lol Naturally, living in this environment has impacted my consciousness greatly, and I often wonder in awe what prayer I made to create this wonderful experience.

I just want to share a couple of Arabic words that are sprinkled into nearly every sentence here, and are so attuned with New Thought/SOM teachings, that have had a profound impact on me.

  • In’shallah: directly translated, it means “God willing”. It is almost synonymous with the word, YES, and it implies a promise, a trusting, a knowing that something is going to happen. Whenever something in the future is described, “In’shallah” ends the sentence. When someone asks you to do something, this is your response. Even though this expression seems commonplace, I don’t know if I can really articulate what a powerful word this is. It has personally reminded me that every intention is prayer that Spirit is eager to manifest; and it is not an “if….” but a matter of “when…” So I love hearing that “God is willing” to do something for me when I make a request.
  • Alhumdiallah: This means, “Give thanks to God”, and is the response you give when someone asks you ” How are you? — How’s it going?”– Whoa! — isn’t that interesting? I love when someone asks me this question, because it gives me a moment to pause and feel grateful for this body and this life that I have. I think, “Yea, thanks to God, I am here, having this breath and sharing this moment with you. Pretty cool.”
  • Asamalakum: This is what you say when you want to say “hi” to someone, and it means “The Peace of Allah Be Upon You”. How cool is that? I remember when I went to Catholic mass, the part of the service where everyone shakes hands and says “Peace” to each other used to be my favorite time. But now I get to do it ALL the time! It is wonderful to be in the awareness that you are offering Peace to people you meet, recognizing that the Spirit of Life is “upon them”. I think this is my absolute favorite Arabic expression because of this.

As you might imagine, we are in no hurry to leave the “sandbox”, our amusing term for the UAE. We are content to stay at least another year, or at least until Ryan completes his degree–In’shallah! lol However, we hope to see many of you when we come to visit this summer in August. We may only be able to come to one Sunday service because of our schedule, but we feel hopeful that we might be able to meet up some other time to officially catch up. Know in the meanwhile that you are always in our prayers and thoughts, and that we love you very much.

May you continue to enjoy your journey into your Divine enfoldment, as I know you are a blessing and a joy to this world. We look forward to seeing you soon!

— Judy Imamudeen


Today I sat quietly, closed my eyes and ventured into a bold inward quest to understand why I hadn’t been able to manifest my goals. As the process evolved, it became obvious; I was responsible. I guess I’d always known that, but hadn’t wanted to deal with it!

Under a microscope, I saw evidence of a substantial build-up of resentment in my life. Beginning in childhood, and continuing throughout my life, I had accumulated quite a load of anger and hurt feelings. I tried to forget them, but truthfully, they were old familiar “companions”. I hadn’t figured out how to let them go, forgive and move on. I felt “entitled” to feel “wronged” by those mean-spirited people and regretful events that had impacted my life so negatively. I hadn’t seen it as any of MY doing; I had been the victim, here!

Oops! Had I thought of myself as a victim? That would mean I had no control over what happened to me. That really touched a nerve! If I am responsible in my life, what was I thinking – giving someone or anything power over me? I started getting angry again, only NOW I was mad at MYSELF!! (I had to take a few deep breaths to calm down.) If I am undermining my own progress of manifesting, because of resentments I can’t forget, how do I wipe the slate clean and move on?

Carrying around all those resentments tainted every new relationship or situation. I also saw that it hadn’t just been anger I’d been carrying around; I’d also been harboring FEAR that I could potentially fall prey to some of those old familiar scenarios in my life again in a present day experience. Because of this, I’d been denying myself the simple privilege of enjoying the “now” – a new, previously unknown, unblemished moment in time.

I’d always believed myself to be intelligent and evolving spiritually, but I hadn’t been very happy or content. So, obviously, I needed to make better CHOICES. First, I made the choice to forgive myself, because I realized I couldn’t imagine continuing in life without forgiveness for the many blunders I’d caused, all on my own, in my life. Next, I chose to forgive everyone else whoever hurt me, knowing I couldn’t ask anyone else to be infallible when I’m so obviously imperfect. Thirdly, I chose to change the classification of “Resentments” to “Lessons Learned”. New slogan: Better choices yield better results. This stuff works! I felt so much lighter already!

At the end of this inward quest, I felt so liberated and free! As I opened my eyes, I understood that what had blocked my manifestation had been my death-grip on my old RESENTMENTS! Forgiveness took them away in a flash! Amazing! What a productive use of my time!

– Serina French


by Carolyn Crawford

The first time I met Janelle she was kicking in the door of her beat up old car which wouldn’t start. She was all of 19 years old and fresh out of prison. I suggested if she wanted to sell the car she should keep it in the best shape possible. She agreed and let go of her anger for a moment.

We became fast friends or perhaps a better description would have been big sister, little sister. She couldn’t hold a job because of her anger. Her mother was a weak woman, an alcoholic and incapable of being any help. Janelle was a reformed tweeker. Drugs had been the only way she could get along with herself. I helped her get a new car and an apartment on her own. I got her work training as a ballroom dance teacher and she was brilliant. She learned patterns easily but when it came time to work with new students, her immaturity got her fired. She didn’t have the language skills or the patience. She opted to become a stripper which of course led to bad company and drugs again. So she decided to move to Texas to live with her fundamental religionist father who had strict rules which she couldn’t follow- not surprising. She ran away, ending up with a boyfriend in Florida and got pregnant.

She returned to Tucson to have the baby and gave it up for adoption as she couldn’t take care of herself- let alone a child. She now ekes out a living doing office work for my ex-husband. She is however growing up. Her spirit has been crushed but a new love is reviving her. We talk now and then. I give her books to read slowly leading her to a new thought perspective.

We are the mirror as well as the face in it.
We are the tasting the taste this minute of eternity
We are the pain and what cures the pain
We are the sweet cold water and the jar that pours

– Jalaluddin Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks

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