Spirit Is Allness

Spiral galaxy UGC 12295

Recognizing Spirit as the Infinite Intelligence of the universe, knowing It is the creative force behind all that exists. From the limitless galaxies surrounding us to the boundlessness of the tiniest vibration within, Spirit is the source of all things and is behind all creation.

With purpose and all-knowing good, there is nothing not made from this loving, intelligent Substance. What I Love is that the statement carries a profound sense of spiritual awareness and recognition of the interconnectedness of all existence.

It reflects themes found in various spiritual and philosophical traditions, emphasizing the idea of a universal creative force or intelligence underlying all reality.

Better known to us as The Law.

Werner Heisenberg* quantum pioneer said, “Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think.”

Deepak Chopra* cites the term “Qualia” as referring to the subjective, conscious experiences that individuals have. These are the raw feelings, sensations, and perceptions that make up our internal mental states.

“Examples of qualia include the redness of an apple, the taste of chocolate, the feeling of warmth from sunlight, or the pain of a headache. They are often considered to be ineffable, meaning they cannot be fully described or communicated to others in their entirety.

In my mind it is quite possible the explanation of these differences and interpretations are the results realized in our mind as we actually create individualized reality from the Infinite.

The Law underpins the Quantum Field; our collective and individualized realities make up a part of the Multiverse.

Discovery is infinite; we will never stop discovering as we move through our lives.

That’s pretty incredible.

*Heisenberg and Chopra quotes from: Quantum Body by Deepak Chopra

–Chris Wheeler