Welcome from The Center for Spiritual Living Tucson!

If you are looking for a spiritual way that offers solutions to life’s challenges, The Center for Spiritual Living Tucson offers principles and practices that aid in spiritual exploration and discovery. These practices include meditation, classes, affirmative prayer practiced by a community eager to learn and to live a life more abundant in all ways.

There is a Power in the Universe greater than we are, and we can use it — Ernest Holmes

Divinity is not “out there,” but present everywhere, in and as you, me, and in every created thing.  Though frequently hard to see this truth, the CSLT community strives to nurture and grow it every day.

Sunday Celebration Services begin at 10:30 a.m. at The Donald R. Nickerson Performing Arts Center, 3231 N. Craycroft Rd, Tucson AZ  85712. Join us on Sunday for lively, inspiring music, a spirited message and a joyful, loving, inclusive community. (Google map).

Classes and study groups meet most Wednesdays for lively discussions and explorations of the ideas that shape and grow our lives.  Current classes & events are shown here, and are held at our Office & Education Center at 911 S. Craycroft Rd, 85711. (This is NOT where we hold Sunday Celebration Services.) Some of the diverse authors and thinkers we read, study and discuss are listed here.

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To the degree you recognize that you are the space in which it is all happening now, that is the spaciousness you will bring to whatever circumstance arises in the future.
— Stephen & Ondrea Levine, Who Dies?