Science of Mind:  What it is & How we live it

The Principles of Science of Mind articulate the basic ideas of the theory and philosophy of the Science of Mind. The Principles help us understand the Nature of Reality – the Infinite Presence and the Universal Law, the nature of creation and our place in it, and who we are in the scheme of things. However, principles are more than just intellectual ideas, they form the foundation for the way we engage in and co-create our lives.

The Practices teach us how to, and provide means to, apply the Principles in our lives. Each practice includes the primary methodologies Centers for Spiritual Living teaches for practicing the application of our principles. Each practice may help us apply all the Principles but each Practice is herein associated with the Principle(s) upon which it is primarily based and to which it applies.


  • Principle: a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior, or for a chain of reasoning.
  • Practice: the actual application or use of an idea or belief, as opposed to theories relating to it.
  • Method: a systematic procedure, technique, or mode applied to practice principles

Science of Mind Principles

One ~ Oneness

There is One Infinite Reality. We call It many names, including, but not limited to God, Life, Universal Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, First Cause or The Thing Itself. The One Infinite Reality is undivided, complete, and whole within Itself. This Oneness creates everything out of itself, and therefore includes both the absolute and relative, tangible and intangible, physical and metaphysical aspects of reality.

Two ~ Love

Love is the self-givingness of Universal Spirit through Its desire to express Itself in terms of creation. Love is the impulse and Law is the way of creation.

Three ~ Creation

The physical universe is the manifest body of The One Infinite Reality, and the One Infinite Reality is more than the physical universe. Creation is an expression of the One Infinite Reality. It is inherently Good and is ever-evolving toward greater expression of Good.

Four ~ Threefold Nature

The One Infinite Reality expresses Itself in three aspects – Spirit, Law, and Body. Each individual is made in the image and likeness of the One Infinite Reality and has these same three aspects.

Five ~ Creative Process

The One Infinite Reality operates through the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. This Universal Law is impersonal, automatic, and intelligent. The Universal Law receives the direct impress of Spirit’s impulse and acts upon it bringing it into form. Individuals, having the same threefold nature, use the Creative Process to shape our human experience in alignment with the whole, perfect and complete Reality.  

Six ~ Spiritual Laws

Universal Spirit maintains harmony, equilibrium and balance through Spiritual Law. There are various expressions and uses of Spiritual Law; for example, the law of correspondence, the law of attraction, the law of giving and receiving. Spiritual laws are impersonal, consistent, and intelligent and are always operating. Consciously, individuals can learn to use these laws to create or change conditions. 

Seven ~ Spiritual Beings

The One Infinite Reality is both transcendent and immanent. Individual human beings are spiritual beings living in a spiritual universe having a human experience. This is our True Nature.

Eight ~ Freedom

Freedom is the birthright of every individual. We are free to choose and create our experience of life.

Nine ~ Heaven

Heaven is the state of awareness of our True Nature. We experience our True Nature to the degree we become conscious of It. We actively seek to know the True Nature of every individual and celebrate each individual’s unique expression of It. This experience of our True Nature is sure to be attained by all. 

Ten ~ Eternal Life

The One Infinite Reality is eternal. We believe in the eternality, the immortality and the continuity of the individual, forever and ever expanding.

Practices to Apply Science of Mind Principles

A ~ Spiritual Mind Treatment

Spiritual Mind Treatment is the single most important Science of Mind Practice. It is a specific methodology that puts all the Principles into practice in a systematic and intentional manner. We consciously use the Creative Process to direct Spiritual Laws to heal/change real life conditions. Regularly used and applied to every area of life, it develops a deeper awareness, expanded consciousness, and greater experience of the One Infinite Reality.

  • Spiritual Mind Treatment is an act, art, and science. It is an act, being the conscious activity of thought. It is an art in that there must be conviction, appreciation, and realization. It is a science, in that it produces verifiable results through the application of impersonal, consistent spiritual law.

B ~ Practicing the Presence

Practicing the Presence is the practice of the principles of Oneness, Love, and Creation; to become aware of and experience the One Infinite Reality. The Practice of the Presence is engaging in formal, disciplined methodologies that quiet the mind/body and open awareness. Beyond these formal methodologies, it is living in alignment with our Science of Mind Principles, making these Principles evident in the way we engage in the present moment, thereby being congruent in thought, word and behavior.

  • Meditation opens us to this inner awareness. It transcends all theologies and allows us to directly experience the One Infinite Reality. There are many different forms of meditation, each of which open us to be receptive to the Presence of Universal Spirit.
  •  Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, objectively observing the behavior, attitudes and beliefs of ourselves and others. Mindfulness creates awareness of our inner alignment and congruence in daily living.
  • Visioning consciously opens us to be receptive to the impress of Universal Spirit. Visioning is the practice of cultivating the Field of Consciousness and illuminating what wants to emerge into form, without preconceived ideas or limitations.  Visioning has a specific methodology, which can be used individually or in a group. Visioning may also be done informally.

C ~ Direct Revelation

Direct Revelation is the practice of the Principles of Spiritual Being, Freedom, and Heaven. As individualized expression of the One Infinite Reality we have access to the infinite wisdom and intelligence of the Ultimate Reality. It flows through us, as us, to the degree that we set our previous ideas aside and become aware and conscious of the impress of Universal Spirit. Direct Revelation is available to us through our Intuition and can be intentionally cultivated.

  • Visioning consciously opens us to be receptive to the impress of Universal Spirit. Visioning is the practice of cultivating the Field of Consciousness and illuminating what wants to emerge into form, without preconceived ideas or limitations. Visioning has a specific methodology, which can be used individually or in a group. Visioning may also be done informally.

D ~ Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the practice that illuminates our alignment with each of the Science of Mind Principles.  It is the practice of being conscious of one’s motivations, internal dialogue, and hidden beliefs. It is a willingness to observe and take responsibility for one’s internal and external choices. Self-awareness is the foundation for conscious choice.

  •  Silence creates an inner spaciousness to become aware of one’s own consciousness, to experience the rise and fall of thoughts and feelings without attachment or judgment. It invites us to become comfortable within our own body/mind, to release distractions, so that self-awareness has space to grow.
  • Spiritual Coaching is working with a Professionally Licensed Practitioner to assist in examining one’s life in the light of spiritual principles, becoming aware of one’s inner states, hidden beliefs, and patterns of thought.
  • There are many other methods for practicing Self-Awareness, which can be done alone or guided by another, including but not limited to guided imagery, journaling, and therapy.

E ~ Gratitude

Gratitude is both a Principle and a Practice. It is also the practice of the Principle of Creation, seeing creation as life affirming, looking for the Good and focusing on that good. Gratitude is more than an emotion; it is an attitude, which carries us beyond doubt, attracting and magnifying the good that is focused upon. Gratitude accepts with perfect faith that which has not yet manifested, as if it were already here.

  • Journaling is a powerful way to practice Gratitude on a regular or daily basis. There are many other methods for practicing Gratitude.

F ~ Compassion

Compassion is the practice of the principles of Oneness, Spiritual Beings, Heaven, and Immortality. Compassion respects and honors the True Nature of others, all life, and ourselves. Compassion is claiming the same good for others that we accept for ourselves. Active compassion is the practice of joining personal responsibility with social conscience for the good of all.

  • Forgiveness is a significant way to practice compassion; the process of releasing hurts, judgments or grievances, which allows us to see the Universal Spirit in everyone.
  • Sacred Service is a way to practice Compassion by actively serving others, as well as seeking to bring about the CSL Global Vision and a world that works for everyone.

G ~ Intentional Manifestation

Intentional manifestation is the practice the Threefold Nature, the Creative Process, Spiritual Laws, and Freedom.  It is consciously producing a definite outcome by using Science of Mind Principles to bring about a greater good, a more abundant life, a better condition than existed before. Intentional manifestation invites us to exercise our freedom to create the life we desire.

  • Spiritual Mind Treatment is our primary and most significant methodology for intentional manifestation, creating the bridge between Spiritual Truth and manifested reality, transforming creation into a reflection of Spiritual Truth.
  • Affirmation and Visualization are methods for Intentional Manifestation. Affirmations and Visualizations create a new causal idea in Mind and a deeper acceptance within us of the reality of the idea, which then becomes the seed for the new manifestation.
  • Giving and Receiving is a way to practice conscious participation in the circulation of universal good in all of its forms.

H ~ Sacred Study

Sacred Study is the practice of expanding our knowledge and understanding of the Nature of the One Infinite Reality, who we are, and a deeper understanding and use of each of the Science of Mind Principles. Spiritual Study deepens our awareness of spiritual truths and provides the framework for spiritual practice. Through Spiritual Study, we gain wisdom as well as a deep appreciation for the wisdom of those who have walked a spiritual path throughout the ages.

  • Contemplation is a tool for the practice of Sacred Study. It expands our conscious awareness and embodiment of a spiritual principle or idea.
  • Spiritual Education learning and applying Science of Mind Principles and Practices through a variety of courses and opportunities.
  • Reading and discussion of sacred writing, contemporary books and materials of a spiritual nature, and one’s one engagement with the ideas presented invites exploration, discernment, and alignment with Science of Mind Principles and universal spiritual truth.

I ~ Other methods to further embody Science of Mind Principles

The purpose of these practices is to embody our spiritual principles. This embodiment is a natural and spontaneous response to life, which is in alignment with Science of Mind Principles. There are many methods to practice and apply the Spiritual Principles in everyday life. Ongoing proficiency and expansion of spiritual practices nurtures the application and embodiment of our Spiritual Principles. Exploring additional methods to deepen our understanding and practice that are in alignment with our Spiritual Principles, is valued and encouraged.

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