So much to do and time running short. Between preparing reports for the Board, putting together a budget for next fiscal year, preparing myself and the office for my vacation, where was I going to find the time to write a newsletter article? Then I heard a small voice in my head say “chat…, AI”.

Well, that couldn’t have been my thought because I don’t keep up much with new technology and didn’t even know the proper name for it. Was Spirit suggesting I use this Chat GPT I’d been hearing about? Wouldn’t that be cheating? No, not if Spirit so inspired me and I don’t claim it to be my own. And besides, there is only one Mind after all.

Inspiration in Science of Mind as written by ChatGPT – Open AI

According to the Science of Mind, inspiration is the stirring of the divine presence within us, guiding and uplifting our thoughts, emotions, and actions. It is the process through which we connect with our higher selves, tap into universal wisdom, and access our creative potential.

Inspiration in the Science of Mind is often associated with the recognition of our oneness with the divine intelligence or Universal Mind. By aligning our consciousness with this higher power, we open ourselves to receive intuitive insights, new ideas, and innova4ve solu4ons to challenges we may face.

The Science of Mind emphasizes the importance of cultivating a receptive mindset to allow inspiration to flow. This involves cultivating qualities such as openness, gratitude, and mindfulness. By developing these qualities, we create a mental and emotional environment that is conducive to receiving divine inspiration and guidance.

Moreover, the Science of Mind teaches that inspiration can be consciously cultivated through various practices. Meditation, prayer, visualization, and affirmations are some of the techniques used to quiet the mind, focus our attention, and attune ourselves to the divine inspiration within.

In summary, inspiration in the Science of Mind is the process of connecting with our higher selves and the Universal Mind to receive guidance, insights, and creative ideas. By aligning our consciousness with the divine presence, we open ourselves to the flow of inspiration and allow it to guide and uplift our lives.

–Janet Salese