Change is the Only Constant

“Success can only be measured in terms of distance traveled” — Mavis Gallant

We are forever moving from one experience to another, one challenge to another and one relationship to another.

Our ability to handle confidently all encounters and challenges is a gift from God, the One that accompanies us throughout every day, and we humbly express only gratitude for the One. We are never standing still, no matter how uneventful our lives may seem to be, we are traveling toward our destiny, and the thrills, tears and joys are contributing to the success of our individual and collective adventures.

We can reflect on yesterday, better yet on last week, or even last year’s problems. It’s doubtful we can even remember them. We have put distance between them and us, by Gods grace, knowing they were handled in some manner.

We continue to progress, and then eventually succeed, in getting free of and moving beyond them. How far we have come as a community of like-minded souls since COVID began. We will keep traveling forward with the courage and adaptations necessary for us to succeed.

It has been a blessing and a privilege in more ways than I could have imagined, being a member of the Board of Directors at CSLT these last 3 years. I am ever grateful for the experience and feel encouraged to move forward with my own choices and my own life.

Blessings to all and Thank You.


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