Yet is a power filled word!

This spring, I began to have my account run out of money that I had been living very frugally from for the past 2 years due to an accident that I can now say I am grateful for. So, with love and grace Pat Masters (I call her Miss Pat) invited me to live with her and her sweet pup Trek in the gorgeous foothills of Tucson for the summer. Huge blessing! I had such fun being part of her summer plans of friends and family visits as well as a trip to Payson, AZ into the forest! All too quickly there was 2 weeks left until I needed to move. I had looked a bit for a job but those I applied for I didn’t hear anything. I started arguing with the Universe about why did the pandemic lock down have to happen? I was just 3 days shy of passing my last State Board test and getting my Aesthetician license, working at a resort, and soon to be on a cruise ship giving facials to people in beautiful places all over the world that I would get to see! I felt totally ripped off! WHY!!!!

With the 2 week mark for needing to move somewhere paid somehow I got focused about what I wanted. I told Miss Pat and happily she knew for me the choices I wanted for employment and a place to live. I had the money to get a place but needed to have the job pretty ASAP to make everything sail smoothly. I started looking in the northwest area of Tucson which I had lived in before online at apartments. All that I like and were open just cost a bit too much for my comfort. I decided to call my old apartments I had just moved out of 3 months prior. They had 1 apartment left that suited my needs so I went straight over to check it out, it was the late hot afternoon. After inquiring I was given a gate key to go look at where the apartment was located. I need to interject here that I love trees, they make me feel at home. Also green grass too. So I found the apartment front door and facing the front door were (and still are) 3 huge green broadleaf trees that I don’t know what kind they are however they are healthy and big! As if that didn’t seal the deal of this is SO where I am moving to – an owl flew above me and landed in the tree nearest to me! (I love birds and was thrilled!) The owl looked at me and I told it I got the message. I headed to the apartment offices and signed the papers and gave them almost all the money I had. So great, a place to live! Next, job.

I started the next day looking online (did I mention I am not all warm and cozy with computers) and things were looking pretty bleak. I remembered Mary Morrissey, Ernest Holmes, and my Kung Fu teacher all telling me not to let circumstances dictate my choices.

I had Miss Pat, my Prosperity Plus Mastermind Group, and my Practitioner Prayer Partner hold for me the specifics I chose about my new job. I felt so much stronger in my belief due to all these people saying that they would know this for me! I continued to do my spiritual mind treatments and within 3 days out of the blue (ha ha wink wink) I got a text from a recruiter looking for someone with my background for an online position as an elementary school counselor. This had been my previous career for many years. The offer fit my requirements I had been treating for. I accepted the position and I am still continuing to follow my dream for being an Aesthetician knowing what is coming is even better still then what I had dreamt.

–Shelly Dunn RScP

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