Where Does God Dwell…

Prior to becoming involved with Science of Mind I felt Spirit as a companion, a presence felt outside of myself primarily when I was walking alone. I started photographing when I was eleven. When I was out photographing, it felt like someone was whispering in my ear where I should walk, what I should look at, and when I would start to photograph, a direction, “a little to the left, closer.”

It has been a shift to feel God in me. One of the images that comes up often in the Science of Mind readings is God is a wellspring. I like that word, that image. The word broken down into its two syllables: Well, a sense of being whole, and spring the season of new beginnings and growth. Put together “wellspring” means the Source. In my meditations I visualize water flowing from a wellspring in my sacral chakra throughout my body.

One day at the morning daily zoom practice we read:

There are so many illustrations in the sacred texts of the world relating to the light. The spirit is thought of as being the essence of light. People are spoken of as being the “candles of the Lord.”365 Science of Mind 366

I liked the candle image too, but it was difficult for me to reconcile the two images, candle and water together, knowing the water would put out the candle. Then I had a memory of being at church camp when I was in middle school. It was in NY in the country with a lake surrounded by pine trees. One day we made boats out of paper and that night we put candles in the boats and floated them in the lake. It was a full moon and I remember watching the multitude of individual lights floating in the darkness. I had an image I could use.

Recently, I was at the Santa Cruz River where it actually flows above ground and saw the sunlight reflecting off of the water. It’s another way I can visualize flow and light.

With this new image I see God within me as radiant, flowing energy, always present, yet changeless. As my relationship with Spirit deepens, we will flow, and radiate.

…there is an active Presence of the creative Spirit in all our affairs – not something passive, but something that is moving in and through everything we do. We should affirm that this Divine Presence is everywhere, that it is always active in, around, and through us.  — 365 Science of Mind 18.1

— Maria

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