The Snowden Dilemma

The Snowden dilemma is not about Snowden but rather about us. It is about us because we may or may not have opinions about his disclosure that our government spies on us. Our response says more about us than it says about him. Here’s what I mean by this statement. If I choose to put Snowden in the “traitor” box, then I am saying to myself that I do not identify with the God Qualities that our philosophy claims is necessary for our being one with Spirit, an identification that leads to a vital, prosperous, healthy and happy life.

Hopefully, you know that some of the God qualities are Love, Light, Wholeness and Spirit.

I contend that these qualities are descriptive of the KINGDOM THAT IS NOT OF THIS WORLD. It is stated this way so that those of us who grew up in the Christian tradition would know where this is coming from. The greatest light bearer to date was rejected and nailed to a cross. Copernicus and Galileo were marginalized and threatened. Then there has Ellsberg, Assange and many others. Kingdoms of this world, both religious and political have persecuted them all.

On the other hand, if I choose to put Snowden in the “Light” box, then I am identifying with the God Qualities and not identifying with the appearance, body, form and conditions of the KINGDOMS OF EARTH. Snowden’s actions then indeed conform to the injunction that one is to let one’s light shine before men … and glorify the father which is in heaven. To glorify is the to identify with the qualities of the Father Which Is In Heaven. (Matt 5:16). What is the point? It is this. Who do you answer to? Or in contemporary verbiage, Who is your daddy? Bluntly stated, if you are identified with your patriotism, you are not identified with the God Qualities. Yes, this is where we get to choose between God and State, as they are not one and the same.

Since Light illumnates darkness, I must allow the Light to illuminate the darkness where ever it appears. Who are you choosing to glorify? Is it the kingoms of this world, with all of its appointed rulers, who are intent on keeping the people in darkness, or the kingdom of Light, whose yoke is easy and whose burden is light (Mattt 11:30).

Isn’t living in choice fun?

Keith A. Gorley

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