Pray Unceasingly

By Jeanne Griffith

Last fall I realized that I was dissatisfied with my life – physical ailments and economic constraints while living in a small park model mobile home made me feel trapped. I started attending the learning circles on abundance and got the idea to sell the park model and go back to full time RV’ing. Economically that would free me for easier traveling and maybe allow me to save for a small retirement home when I eventually became “rooted.”

As time passed and the holidays arrived, my enthusiasm for change dampened. I was comfortable, and the real estate market for the Voyager RV resort where I was living was slow.

There were 96 models for sale! The very few that sold were going for peanuts. Did I really want to uproot my life?

I re-examined my situation and found that I had a good goal but fear and anxiety were undermining it. Trust and faith in the spiritual mind treatment and my Higher Power were called for. So I affirmed I would move forward. I would do those things I had control of and leave the rest to God. I painted, cleaned, organized and put the park model up for sale! It was old but lovingly maintained and “showed” well. The entire month of February I had only a few showings. I faithfully did my readings and meditations.

By mid March, I was getting uneasy. My affirmation had been to sell, but my time frame was just wishy-washy. I kept thinking I don’t have to sell. It’s ok if it doesn’t sell now. I sought guidance from Rev Donald who helped me focus my attention and offered support. One of the most helpful suggestions was: When I had doubts, and it looked like it wasn’t going to sell, to know that it was.

During this time friends and family kept asking, “Have you sold it yet?” “Have you had a showing?” I finally started answering, “I have a buyer. I just don’t know who it is yet.” Then I started doing things I would need to do once it sold, i.e. had maintenance performed on my RV, started collecting boxes for packing, found a storage facility explored options for mail forwarding, etc.

By the end of March I was getting nervous. Why had I changed my affirmed time frame for the 1st week in April? When such doubts crept in, I reaffirmed, repeating and
repeating until that was all that I could think. (Now I understand what it means to pray unceasingly).

On April 2 some relatives of my neighbors made an offer for my full asking price which I delightedly accepted! I must admit I was in a state of shock. Spiritual Mind Treatment and affirmation worked! It seemed miraculous. I had sold my park model but felt Spirit’s power and influence at the base. I felt so in awe and humbled. It made me feel incredibly grateful, and I reveled in this connection with God.

I have since closed on the park model and moved into my RV. I’m back on the road and
enjoying this new life and adventure.

What a great personal learning experience: God and I as a team, attaining my choices.

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