Let There Be Light

As I sat in Church April 15, 2012, listening to Rev. Donald Graves talk about our Center and Community visioning, a great, deep peace and feeling of well being swept over me. I’ve had this experience at times in the past and usually in this deepened state of consciousness – comes the Light. As I sat there listening, the Light appeared. First it seemed only around me and then it filled the auditorium. And I was overwhelmed by the Love and Oneness I was experiencing.

As Rev. Donald talked about filling out the information sheet all I could think was Light. Just Light, Light, Light. Then the knowing came that the right Church Home is out there just waiting for us to discover it. Also had the thought “Do not limit your search.”

And then I realized the Light was dissipating and fading. What an absolutely wonderful and beautiful experience for me. The feeling of deep peace stayed with me for the rest of the service. And I didn’t want to leave the auditorium. Have absolutely no idea what I wrote on the information sheet.

When I got home and walked into the apartment I realized how full of light it was and how happy I was to be here. Sat down in my chair and thanked Spirit for this wonderful, beautiful experience I was given that morning. I believe completely that “The Infinite is there, awaiting the touch of our awakened thought.” Life is good.

And then I cried because I was so very happy! What a special day.

~ Sandy Mallory ~

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