Maria Schuchardt – President

Maria SchuchardtOne day in early 2018 Maria found a “wish” stone on a curb. What she wished for was a closer connection to God. Then she happened on “The Secret” then found CLST’s website. After listening to Rev. Janis’ Sunday Reminders, she ventured to one of the Sunday Services on March 31, 2018. During the service Rev. Janis talked about “being engaged”. Maria took it as a sign and has moved forward ever since, taking classes and volunteering in different capacities. She has found kindred Spirits at CSLT, and sees how her journey has led her to be a member of this community, and the board. She looks forward to contributing to the growth of the CSLT community.

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Chris Wheeler – Vice Chairman

My path to the Center for Spiritual Living Tucson started when my wife told me she had discovered an interesting group of people that gathered on Sundays. This automatically sent me into “This sounds like too much work” and… “People! I need to run and hide.” I was able to avoid gathering for many Sundays.

My first contact with CSL was taking Mary Morrissey’s Prosperity Plus program. Prosperity was a subject I could relate to. The approach to the subject was different than I expected. The hints of the metaphysical approach gave me a feeling of some sort of connection. Plus, I really liked the other participants. So, I said I would go to the Gregory School and attend a service.

I was responding to a question about dreams and goals during the prosperity class when I realized I wanted to become a working musician again and play drums professionally. (I think there is a connection here) It was suggested that I could be the backup drummer for Sunday service. Around the same time the drummer for CSLT decided he wanted other things. I auditioned and started playing drums for the CSLT Orchestra on Sundays. At this same time a musician friend pointed out a bulletin board ad at a music store for a drummer. I auditioned  and started a gig, that was every second Saturday downtown and  continued for several years.

I have been getting involved in more and more classes ever since. The CSLT experience has really helped me broaden my spiritual life, and my life all around.

Thanks to the all-inclusive aspects of the Science of Mind teaching and the loving support of this community, I get to expand my life. Even to the point of serving as a board member! That in and of itself would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. Yet here I am, and I am looking forward to the next 3 years.

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Janet Salese – Treasurer

Janete Salese

Moving back to Arizona in 2002, Janet was introduced to New Thought teachings when she discovered the Unity Church of Prescott. She was so excited to find a home with warm and inviting individuals delivering a message she resonated with that she became very active in the congregation. At various times she was on the Fellowship and Usher/Greeters teams, was a Chaplain for two years, held every leadership position within Women of Unity and could always be found in Rev. Charli’s book discussions.

When she moved back to Tucson in 2009, she found that same welcoming, enriching atmosphere at CSLT. But it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that she had the time to become more active here, taking classes and volunteering. When asked why she was attending the Wednesday evening discussions at the office, her standard response was, “Because it’s Wednesday.” Janet is excited to see what ways she’ll be able to serve this CSLT community.

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Madeline Pallanes – Secretary

Originally from NY, I transplanted to Tucson in 1986.  I have 2 sons who are my greatest pride and joy.  David, born in 1991 is severely handicapped.  Brandon, born in 1996 brings me great laughter & joy and is a tremendous help to me with caring for David.  We moved to Arizona City in 1998 where we still reside with our St. Bernard, Sissy.  In 2018 I retired from the USPS as a city mail carrier in Casa Grande, a career I loved.

Being an avid reader of self-help books, often the authors talked about Religious Science, which led me on a search to find a Sunday service.  Many years ago, I found the Center for Spiritual Living Tucson. The Science of Mind teachings and spiritual guidance through CSLT has had a profound effect on creating and living a life I love.

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Linda Bullock – Member

Linda Bullock, I was born and raised in the South and after college I moved to Southern California where I lived for 30 years.  In 2001 my husband and I moved to the community of Sonoita, AZ, which is 50 to 60 miles from most of Tucson. I spent 31 years as a Government employee.  After retirement, I was drawn to obtain a Master’s in Addiction Counseling and worked as a Substance Abuse Counselor in Tucson.

I don’t remember how I actually heard of Religious Science/Centers for Spiritual Living. I subscribed to the monthly Science of Mind for a couple of years before attending a CSL service. In 2012, craving community, I attended CSL Tucson and Foundations class. I was blessed to be able to stay at a friend’s home while taking the classes, which allowed me to not have to drive the long distance home late at night.

In 2014 I became a grandmother and for my grandson’s first five years I lived part-time in Lake Havasu City and became involved with CSL there. I always want to learn more and have taken classes and book studies in both Tucson and LHC.

With the advent of using Zoom for communications during the pandemic, I have participated in book studies, classes, Sunday services, and daily morning meditation.  This convenience has allowed me to meet and become friends with fellow CSL Tucson members and attendees.

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Mariann Moery – Member

Mariann Moery

An authentic Oklahoma farmer’s daughter, she spent her first 21 years working on the farm, attending catholic grade school, public high school and graduating from Oklahoma State University with a degree in English and a Teaching Certificate. She promptly moved to New York City with her first husband and began a career in direct response fundraising and eventually became a Senior Marketing Director for publications including The Wall St. Journal, Family Circle, and McCall’s. She concluded her 35 years as a marketer at Kids Discover Magazine. During those years in NYC, DC and NH, she sought a spiritual practice that would comfort her soul while not insulting her intelligence.

Retiring in 2015 she moved to Arizona to take pictures and to escape North East winters. Still looking for a spiritual home, she read an intriguing book which referenced Centers for Spiritual Living. Discovering that CSLT existed she began attending classes as a way to judge the Center’s culture and beliefs. Soon attending Sunday services as well, she has finally found that spiritual home she has sought for so long.

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