Mariann Moery – Chairman

An authentic Oklahoma farmer’s daughter, she spent her first 21 years working on the farm, attending catholic grade school, public high school and graduating from Oklahoma State University with a degree in English and a Teaching Certificate. She promptly moved to New York City with her first husband and began a career in direct response fundraising and eventually became a Senior Marketing Director for publications including The Wall St. Journal, Family Circle, and McCall’s. She concluded her 35 years as a marketer at Kids Discover Magazine. During those years in NYC, DC and NH, she sought a spiritual practice that would comfort her soul while not insulting her intelligence.

Retiring in 2015 she moved to Arizona to take pictures and to escape North East winters. Still looking for a spiritual home, she read an intriguing book which referenced Centers for Spiritual Living. Discovering that CSLT existed she began attending classes as a way to judge the Center’s culture and beliefs. Soon attending Sunday services as well, she has finally found that spiritual home she has sought for so long.

As a Board member, she hopes to use her marketing and analytical experience to introduce CSLT to a larger community so they too can share the joy and peace that CSLT has given to her.

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Marya Wheeler – Vice Chairman

Marya Wheeler

Marya was born and lived for 21 years in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in central Minnesota. She attended the United Methodist church as a child. At the age of 18 she went through treatment for alcoholism and has been clean since. Active in 12-step programs, she didn’t attend church until her youngest child asked, at age 4 years old, when she could go to church and wear black patent leather shoes. Her family attended the Unitarian Universalist church of Tucson for 13 years and made life-long friends. After her children were grown, she reclaimed her Sunday mornings and quit attending.  A friend suggested CSL as an alternative church. A google search led her to CSLT where she discovered Science of Mind (SOM). Through an active spiritual practice based on SOM, daily meditation, tithing, service and therapy, she has, in the last 3 years, started her own business and found growing relief from a lifetime sense of despair stemming from childhood abuse. Interesting in that, yes, it’s a story and it’s one that is being healed through a combination of loving input from CSLT and trained professionals.

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Richard (Dick) Laird – Treasurer

Dick was born and raised in International Falls, Minnesota and return there regularly to look after his sister. In his youth, he attended Falls Congregational church.

Dick attended Michigan Tech in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and graduated as a metallurgical Engineer. He worked in the Mining industry in many different states and due to the international company he was with, traveled extensively.

Dick was introduced to Religious Science by his wife Rosalee and became a member of Mile High Church of Religious Science in 1995. In 2000, he moved to North Carolina and joined Triangle Center for Spiritual Living and served on their board for 7 years. He has been a member of Center for Spiritual Living Tucson since December 2014 and became a board member in April of 2015 and Treasurer in January 2015. He enjoys being in service and looks forward to being part of the growth of the center. He has rejoined this current board as a member-at-large, with a broad reach of responsibilities.

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Pat Masters – Secretary

Pat (Bennett) Masters, a fourth-generation Arizonian, was born and raised in Cochise County, part of a large family of cattle ranchers. Living in the country or in small communities gave her a strong connection to the Arizona landscapes, both the deserts and mountains.

Because she took time out to raise her two children, it took Pat 13 years to earn her first college degree. She subsequently taught both English and Psychology for 30 years, from 7th grade through community college. She later became a high school counselor, and then a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist.

As a curious child, she was always questioning the world and her place in it. Fortunately for her, she had a father who never tired of her constant questioning about spiritual matters and gave her information and advice based on Science of Mind principles (though neither of them knew it at the time).

When she moved to Ojai, California in 1982, she found her first Science of Mind Church and knew she had discovered her spiritual home. She took many of the classes that were offered, participated in book studies and workshops, and continued to deepen her spiritual practices.

After her retirement, Pat moved back to Tucson in 2002. She knew she would find the people she would want as friends at the Church of Religious Science. She took the classes that were stepping stones toward becoming a practitioner. She served on the Board, and in that capacity, was one of the “rocks” who kept the church afloat after the resignation of their minister. She was still on the Board when they hired Rev. Donald Graves in 2006.
After her marriage in April of 2006, she became a snowbird, dividing her time between Pine Top in the summers and Tucson in the winters. She also divided her time between Unity of the White Mountains and the Center for Spiritual Living Tucson.

After the death of her husband in 2011, she took Foundations (for the 5th time!), and again accepted a position on the Board of Trustees where she served as Treasurer. She also taught various classes and led book studies from then, continuing in the present. Pat sees accepting another term on the Board of Directors as a way to serve her community in a loving and giving way.

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Renee Mercer – Member at Large

I was born into a typical dysfunctional family and for many years my life had no direction or meaning. Poverty, moving between stepfathers/states/schools, absence of my mother who spent several frightening two-year stints in hospitals, and no parental guidance landed me in a treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction at age thirty-four. From that day forward, I had hope, because I was introduced to the concept of a Higher Power. I knew it wasn’t that First Christian thing that made all my relatives so judgmental, but Alcoholics Anonymous told me it could be whatever I felt comfortable with. It took another eight years before I walked through the doors of CSL Seattle and realized I had found my home at last.

After I got sober, I wanted to see if my brain still adequately functioned so I took two college classes, aced them, and that was the extent of my college education. In 1978, I was hired as a woman to fill a non-traditional job at Pacific Northwest Bell and I became an underground cable splicer, a job I totally loved. After 29 years, I retired. Most of my working years were spent in Seattle, which I consider my hometown, though I was born in Iowa and spent many childhood years in Fargo, North Dakota, and various Midwest towns.

My spouse and I moved to Tucson in 2001 to escape Seattle’s oppressive weather and ridiculously thick traffic. Though I’d never forgotten Science of Mind teachings, I hadn’t attended a CSL Center since leaving Seattle, until my divorce in 2008. Rev Donald Graves was like a breath of impossibly fresh air, and I hungrily took every class offered. I also signed up for service (volunteer) work, began to tithe for the first time in my life, and served on the Board for a short stint. Now it’s mine to serve on the Board again, and I am delighted and honored to do so!

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Janie Hooper – Member at Large

Janie HooperJanie found CSLT in 2008 from a Natural Awakenings magazine ad, and never looked back. She knew she had found her home. She had attended a Unity church in Vail, Colorado for several years when she lived in Colorado, and when visiting friends in Denver, as She often did, she attended Mile High Church and the science of mind philosophy really appealed to her.   In 2011, She moved away from Tucson, back to Vail Colorado to return to a previous job.  When she and her husband decided to retire in 2015, they both knew we wanted to return to Tucson for many reasons. She was so happy to reconnect with CSLT, and continue her spiritual practice there. She has taken many of the classes, including Foundations and Prosperity I & II. The classes and the friendships she has made at CSLT have enriched her life and encouraged her to want to be of service to her Spiritual home.  She is honored to serve as a general member of your Board, and is excited about the forward movement of our Church.

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