Recurring Event Daily Morning Practice

Daily Morning Practice


Daily Morning Practice on Zoom continues at 8:30am. Now, Six Days A Week! For link email for Zoom link Thanks to the volunteers who have agreed to continue the daily morning practice through March 2022. If reading a spiritual text, 10 minutes of silent meditation, a short discussion of the reading and a communal prayer (done in 30 minutes)

CSLT Creatives


CSL CREATIVE ART REMINDER- GET OUT YOUR ART SUPPLIES AND PROJECT MATERIALS. (Draw, sew, collage, greeting cards, paint, doodle) Dive into 2023 with two hours of working at a large table on your own creative project in the community of other Creatives. DATES: January 12: Host: Tamara Morrison. Seating limited. Call to reserve/directions.        February 23: Host: Ethel