Daily Morning Practice


Daily Morning Practice on Zoom continues at 8:30am. Now, Seven Days A Week! For link email for Zoom link Thanks to the volunteers who have agreed to continue the daily morning practice through March 2022. If reading a spiritual text, 10 minutes of silent meditation, a short discussion of the reading and a communal prayer (done in 30 minutes)

Play at LTW

Live Theater Workshop 3322 E. Fort Lowell Road, Tucson

Looking for something fun to do with CSLT members. Join us for the play Body Awareness on Thursday, May 12 at Live Theatre Workshop (where we will be having our Sunday Services). Play starts at 7:30 (seating takes place from 7:00 - 7:30) Ticket price is $21 seniors Reservations (520) 327-4242 (information below) 3322 E. Fort Lowell Road Piekarski/Salese (that’s where you’ll