Minister Biography

Reverend Donald Graves worked in many different environments (US Navy hospital corpsman, retail, hi-tech manufacturing, sales and sales management and training, real estate sales, and bio-medical services), serving in supervisory and management positions in each. Then he found Religious Science and soon felt called to the ministry, so he attended ministerial school in San Jose, California, studying with Dr. Robert Scott. An active minister since 1986, Rev. Donald served in Las Cruces, New Mexico and in Salt Lake City, Utah, prior to joining the Center for Spiritual Living Tucson in June 2006.

He served the international organization, United Centers for Spiritual Living, as an Ecclesiastical Representative for almost five years and the United Clergy of Religious Science Cabinet (ministers’ association) for three. He also worked on many committees and planning organizations, including the Asilomar Summer Conference Planning Committee, re-writing of the Ministerial and Practitioner Codes, and contributing to the curriculum planning for the Education Core.

Rev. Donald loves life, public speaking, interactive teaching, and continues to develop many workshops, classes and seminars to help people awaken to their spirituality, regardless of religious orientation. His personal life path and ministry encourages everyone to discover, realize and actualize the Truth within.

Rev. Donald delivers his powerful message in dynamic ways, connecting on a personal level. He challenges each individual to experience his or her personal freedom, power and magnificence. His love of life is contagious, his sense of humor infectious, his speaking style captivating, and his interactive teaching compels people to realize that they are infinitely greater than they thought possible.

He offers workshops, classes, and seminars to many religious communities and secular organizations. These have included: New Mexico State University’s Student Body, Correctional Facilities in New Mexico and in Utah, the University of Utah Social Work Department’s “Diversity Conference”, many businesses in communities where he lived, and several Religious Science and other New Thought conferences and Spiritual Centers.

Reverend Donald served as a chaplain at the Veteran’s Hospital (Salt Lake City, UT), the Civil Air Patrol (for adults and cadets), and with several community service organizations, including two different hospice organizations. He provided community education for the Salt Lake Rape Recovery Center for several years. He, and one of his peers, developed “Peace-Making Strategies”, a direct-service educational group that offers peacemaking skills and dispute-resolution systems to organizations and individuals.

More recently, Reverend Donald developed “Meditation Is More Than You Think”, a certificated class offered by United Centers for Spiritual Living, as he continues to work on three books: Effective Praying, Graves’ Laws and Listening to the Words that Come Out of My Mouth.

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